Topic: Faith/Noah – He Just Did It

God gives each of us purpose, God created us with everything we need, no one is here by mistake (Psalms 139:13-16).

This morning I woke up troubled with the constant fight going on between my flesh and spirit. Our flesh is always looking for opportunities to leverage our weaknesses contrary our spirit’s desires.

In Genesis 6:11-12, we are given more information on the corruption that has taken over the earth. In Genesis 13, God shares his plans to destroy man and all flesh with Noah.

Immediately, starting in verse 14 we read that God commands Noah, “Make an ark”, following with instructions of how to build and prepare for what has never been seen. And in verse 18-21, we read that God makes a covenant with Noah that he and his family shall come unto the ark, manage a collection of living things and bring enough food for everybody and everything.

Whoa! That is a lot to take in.

Jumping to verse 22, it reads, Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.

Reading verse 22, I immediately became ashamed.

The Bible doesn’t give any reference to Noah questioning God, rolling on the ground crying and complaining, why me Lord, he just did it.

No reference to what his wife, momma, and friends said, he just did it.

No reference to his responsibilities, social position, education, weaknesses, challenges, race, age, or gender, emotional wounds or past, he just did it.

No reference to pitching his idea or running a proforma, his time and effort, he just did it.

No reference to what people would say or think of him and what he was building, he just did it.

I am ashamed because each time God shows me his vision, I get excited, then the questions, anxiety, then fear sets in.

In Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Complete), we are told Noah’s care and diligence in building the ark may be considered as an effect of his faith in the word of God. God told him his plan, Noah believed God, so he was faithful and obedient to God’s command to build the ark.

My opinion, the ark was God’s vision, Noah was created simply as the vessel to facilitate God’s purpose – that all may know the promise of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Noah’s vision is no different than the ones God gives us.

It was large, it’s dimensions required care, labor and expense, it was a work of time, it took a while to fully manifest, people didn’t understand Noah and what he was doing.

But we are told that even with a thousand objections, Noah by faith did it, his obedience was ready and resolute. He just did what God told him to do as instructed and built God’s vision, willingly, cheerfully, without murmuring and disputing. God said do this, and Noah did it.

Noah finished his purpose and so should we. The lesson I learned is that I need to work on my character and listen to God more than I complain. What God has given to me is doable, otherwise he would have never given it to me to do.

In essence, we each are built for purpose.

I am so glad that I started to study about faith. I need to be more diligent and consistent in applying God’s word as the platform of my faith.

More to come.

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