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from the podcast – Living A Life of Purpose with Brinda Devine


Welcome to my first episode of Living a Life of Purpose.

This is Brinda Devine. I am the founder of Purpose8 Institute, and so glad that you have joined me to listen to a discussion about purpose. So I’m going to keep this really comfortable. I definitely believe that having a relationship with God is critical, having an intimate relationship with God, him, knowing you and you getting to know Him.

So I just want to spend a little time talking about starting off on a baseline of what I believe as a believer, as a Christian in the Christian principle of purpose, that each of us, every one of us, is created for purpose. Every individual is created and designed by God for purpose.

Often we’re not taught that the principal purpose in Church, in our faith, in our homes, in the world, and many of us, and that includes me just run around aimlessly in life, pursuing what the world has told us, what our passion are, our goals or what we should be and who we should be.

We just run around aimlessly, creating to do list checklist, just going in a path that we’ve not even really fully thought about. We’re just going after what we’ve told we should be running after.

So in my opinion, in my journey, in my belief in my faith, I believe that I have been created by God for purpose, and what I do is I share the importance of purpose in our lives. I have conversations and discussions about that. One of the things about being in church or being about your faith and being about your purpose.

When we read the Bible, oftentimes when we read God’s word, we don’t apply that word to ourselves. We make it really complicated when really it’s a relationship with God.

It’s a relationship of knowing that we are created and designed to serve Him to be about his business. This to be about doing what he has asked us to do versus those goals and those checklists and all the running around that we do.

Not to say that we can’t have desires, not to say that we can’t have any interest in life beyond serving Guy. But serving Guy comes first. So when we talk about purpose, it’s knowing that we are are created and designed to do to serve, to give God glory.

So what does that mean? That means being in tune to who God says you are and helping and edifying people and loving yourself and loving people and introducing them as a disciple of God, as a believer, introducing them to God’s greatest gift, which is the Gift of Salvation. So that is pretty much it. This. This is what we are here for.

We are here to love, to, to serve, to help. And ultimately, if you go backwards, that is really the essence of purpose. That is what each and each and every one of us is here to do, to love and to serve and to give God glory. So we make it really complicated. And I’ve made it really complicated in my life, too.

I didn’t learn about purpose until five years ago. I was 52. Six years  years now.  And that’s when I learned about purpose in the church that I’m going to my pastor taught about it, and I had never heard of it before.

I had never heard about purpose. That I was created and designed to be here. I was created and designed to do God’s will. I was created and designed to love and to be loved. That I have value.

Man. That was the purpose has been for me a life changer. So I often tell people that I’ve lived more in the years that I’ve known about purpose than I did before. Purposes. That is for me.

That’s not just something I say. That’s something that I believe. That’s something that I stand on. So that’s really what this podcast is about. It’s me taking another platform to share the importance of purpose in our lives.

I have social media platform on Facebook, I have a website, blog I post, but I’m starting to see that I have to go in places that I’ve not gone before. So podcasting is new to me. So just to be clear, this is not something. Podcasting is not something that I planned and sat down and said. This is what I’m going to do.

But I’m being led to podcast, so that’s what I’m going to do. So whatever platform that I need to use use to convey the message and share the message of purpose, and that’s what I’m going to do.

So that is the overall baseline of what purpose is. And as we go along with the podcast of Living a Life of purpose, I’m going to share my journey of purpose. And hopefully I’ll get some feedback from you all on your journey of purpose.

Purpose. And when I talk about living a life of purpose, it’s essentially aligning your life to God’s will for your life. Aligning your life to God’s will for your life. That’s ultimately one of you. So think about it like this.

Think about it as a relationship. You have a relationship with God. He has a relationship with you. You are here, his creation. He is the Creator, and you have a relationship with Him.

And in this relationship, you communicate. You share experiences and you want to know what you want to make God happy. God is giving you Grace and provision, and He’s loving you, and He’s taking care of you. He’s protecting you. You’re learning from Him.

The Holy Spirit is giving you direction and correction, and you’re living this life. And you’re saying, okay, what can I do for God? Because he loves me so much? What can I do to show so what I what I’ve done, and hopefully what you choose to do is to start aligning your life with what God’s plans for you. So what does that mean?

Was that look like that means that you’re gonna start looking at life a little differently, because if God loves you so much to give his son, if God made these plans in advance before you were even born. Wow. Are you going to what are you going to offer him? And what you’re going to offer him is your life really is not even yours. You’re basically acknowledging that you’re here for him.

So what are you going to do? You’re going to start thinking of ways of how to please him, and you’re going to feel like the things that you may be doing or staying or thinking and how those things may not be pleasing him. Thinking about how maybe that friend that I have that always has a negative vibe. Maybe I don’t need to talk to them as much. Maybe some of the attitudes and perspectives that I had, maybe I need to rethink those.

You’re going to start thinking differently because you’re in a relationship and you want to please God because he pleases you and gives you that Grace, and you start to see yourself as he sees you. So I want to leave that for you. Like I said, I just wanted to set this first episode.

I just wanted to set up a baseline of what purpose is and what my intent this podcast is, and that is to share the importance of purpose in our everyday lives. Not just on Sundays, not just once a week, not just five minutes here years there, but the importance of purpose in our everyday lives.

Purpose not only impacts us individually, it impacts our relationship with our spouse or our mates. Purpose impacts our relationship with our children, our jobs, our businesses. Purpose impacts our relationships with our family and our friends. Purpose impacts how we go about life and deal and communicate and think about people. Purpose impacts every aspect of our life.

So I just wanted to give you an idea of what the baseline again, of what the goal of this podcast, the goal of my mission in life. The goal of my purpose in life is to share the importance of purpose and to tell people that they are valuable. So this is Brinda Devine from Purpose8 Institute. You can catch me on social media, on Facebook, Purpose8 Institute, and also on Instagram Purpose8 Institute. I thank you for your time, and I’ll see you in a bit. Bye bye.


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