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I got up this morning thinking more about Cain as a person and what lead him to sin. I know he was mad at Abel his brother Abel and God, but why? What would lead Cain to kill his brother?

Reading more of Genesis 4:8, the Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Complete) gives me more insight.

Cain was the first born and Abel was his younger brother. The Bible tells us that Abel offered in faith (to God’s will, glory and dependence on God’s promise of a Redeemer) while Cain did not (was all about himself and offered what he wanted to God).

We don’t know how long Cain was envious of Abel or mad at God about it. But I’m going to assume, being the first born child of Adam and Eve following their banishment from the Garden of Eden and fallen state (tricked by Satan and sinned, gave up the gift of eternal life, now gotta work everyday, stressed out with the knowledge of evil) that it wasn’t the best of times.

And when we are not happy with us or our situation, we tend to be jealous of people who appear to be happy and/or are doing good financially, socially even spiritually better than us.

Jealousy is driven by fear, thinking someone is better than you. Envy is another level where you carry a grudge and covet what someone else enjoys. And this is what happened to Cain, and what happens to some of us.

We see images of how family, friends, and strangers are “living” on social media and we become discontent, jealous, envious, bitter, even angry all while loosing sight of God’s plan and purpose for our lives.

God gave Cain a couple of chances to get it right, but his lack of faith, envy of his brother and bad attitude distracted him from the bigger picture – what he was supposed to be doing – which eventually lead him to kill his brother.

Reading about Cain and Abel, I’m reminded that faith is not about what I sacrifice (time, money, resources), but rather is evidenced by my response to God’s will for my life (obedience),

giving God the glory, and believing in God’s promises through his Son,Jesus Christ.

I’m enjoying this and learning a lot. Hope you are too.

More tomorrow.

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