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I’m still on Hebrews 11:1 and Genesis 4:3-5.

Yesterday, I was thinking about the brothers Cain and Abel, particularly their relationship with God and their faith, but also about the dynamics between them as brothers and their childhood as children of Adam and Eve.

In Genesis, we get a clue that Cain has a serious problem with his brother Abel and an attitude with God.

I was wonderdering what happened to Cain that he would be crazy enough to be mad at God and kill his brother Abel.

Then I started thinking about fear and the subsequent bitterness we allow in our lives and distract us from our purpose. Cain was so caught up in his bitterness and anger that he didn’t pay attention to what was most important, praising and serving God.

Cain allowed his fear, bitterness and anger to distract him from his purpose and eventually lead him to sin.

This lesson is for me, but you already know that you can get some too:

Be careful not to let fear distract us from our purpose. God is willing and able to bless us, by his grace he will be patient and listen, but as his creation, I am still required to be faithful and obedient to his will.

When I am consistent in my faith, I will not fear the doors God has blessed me to walk through.

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