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Out In Genesis 12:1, God says to Abram, “Get thee out of the country, and from your kindred and from thy father’s house”. We don’t know what Abram was doing when God gave him this 3-part command, what plans he had for his life, his dreams or goals. God tells Abram to remove himself from three things we hold affections for, are comfortable with and know – our country, family, and parent’s house.

In Mathew Henry’s Commentary (Complete), we are given the precept that Abram was tried by God’s command:

1. whether he would willing leave what he loved the most, to go with God, and

2. whether he would trust God further than he saw him. In Genesis 12:1, God says he will “show” Abram a land, not give it to him. God never tells Abram the location or details about the land, Abram must follow God with implicit (complete, no doubt) faith.

My opinion, most Believers don’t grow emotionally or spiritually, because we don’t want to leave what’s comfortable so we get stuck and never discover our own Cannan. When you think about it, “Get thee out” could be applied in the following ways as well: Get out of your own thinking Get out of your bad habits Get out of your emotional wounds Get out of your past Get out of your rebellious spirit Get out of your lust Get out of your sins Get out of your your own way and follow God.

The lesson that I am pulling from today’s study of faith is to listen for God’s voice, pay attention to where I am and make my relationship with God first – before everybody and everything else. I encourage you to Google “Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Complete)” and read Genesis 12:1 as the author describes the mindset of following God.

Studying faith is really helping me understand more about God and myself. I hope you are receiving the same blessings.

More tomorrow.

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