The Call

I believe that all churches should teach about purpose. It is the essence of why we are here – to be serve God.

I didn’t hear about purpose until I was 52.

Another word for purpose is calling-most people assume that means being called to be a pastor- maybe for some but definitely not everybody. Pastoring is a spiritual gift. There are eight others. For more info on spiritual gifts please go to my Discover Your Purpose page and read the older posts.

Today, I want to share Isaiah 6:5-8. Here in these four verses the prophet Isaiah accepts his calling from God.

We all hear the call, the question is what is your answer? Will you say I’m not ready? Not me? Or will you say, yes and prepare for what God has for you to do?

Doesn’t matter how old or young, social status, race, education, skill set, gender, politics.

God has something for you to do, you don’t need to be perfect or wait until the perfect situation arise.

You just have to say, here I am Lord, send me.

Something to think about.