Psalm 34:8, (ESV), Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

This weekend, I spoke with a broken person who has discovered their spiritual gift. Now they are at a crossroad. They have tasted just a portion of His Glory and they now have to make a decision of which road to travel.

Will they continue on the road that that know – fear, self doubt, regret and a broken heart? This road is comfortable and they know what to expect.

Or will they chose a new road that will fill their broken heart? This road is a road they have never traveled. They know the road leads to healing. They have seen others travel there. They have even tasted God’s Glory and been touched by His presence.

But they are afraid. Afraid to let go of the past and too afraid to accept God’s love and deliverance.

I pray that that they remember their moment in the presence of God.

I pray that they desire another taste of God and another until they are filled with the one true love, the love of God that can heal and restore every heart.

He said TRUST HIM and I will.