Still reading Ezekiel 7 through the Matthew Henry Commentary (Complete)

In this chapter the Prophet Ezekiel is still telling the Children of Israel about how their unrepented sin will cause their description. Even those that manage to escape the destruction of Jerusalem and capture by the Babylonians and scatter to other nations would eventually face deep sorrow, fear and death.

Even with everything going on, the Children of Israel remained hardheaded and rebellious and refuse to repent. God is clearly calling them. It’s something that is extremely evident, but they choose not to listen. Even with the knowledge that destruction is on the way they won’t listen.

Usually we choose to not listen because we believe we have something better than what God has to offer – those are our idols (what we worship instead of God), our distractions, our stumbling blocks, the light to our sin.

The Children of Israel had an addiction / love of money so much so they thought that money could save them and buffer them from God’s judgements. But we can’t judge the Children of Israel because we do the same thing. We allow stumbling blocks (money, family, job, education, age, health, race, gender, etc.) to distract us from God’s call.

I don’t love money, but I like it. But I also understand that it’s a tool for good and for evil. There are times when I struggle analytically on how I am going to pay for a purpose driven project. But then I have to remember that purpose comes before money and I keep going.

Ministry costs your time, emotions and often your money. But you can’t let that be a stumbling block, a deterrent to keep you from answering the call. As much as I like money, I love God much more so I keep sowing seed into this ministry and others as I answer my call.

If money is not your stumbling blocks, then replace “money” with your own personal stumbling block.

Have a great day and don’t let your stumbling block keep you from answering God’s call for your life.

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