Series: Power/Joshua

Series: Power/Joshua

A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to Bishop TD Jakes and he mentioned Joshua, who after Moses’ death, was called by God to lead the Children of Israel into the land promised to Abraham.

Joshua 1:1-9 shares Joshua’s calling and his power thorough commitment and resolve to follow God’s command.

While reading, I noted 35 points of power that Joshua demonstrated as he acknowledged his position as God’s servant.

It takes power to not get caught up in what we think we are and instead, align our will to God’s and maintain the mindset of a servant – to be obedient and to follow in any circumstance.

Below are eight of the 35 points I will share with you this week regarding Joshuas’s power:

Points 1-8:

1. Power to be a servant under God’s direction and command

2. Power to accept the death of someone you love, respect and admire and continue to arise and go about your work

3. Power to accept that eventually you will be replaced

4. Power to know I have no say, God uses who he wants

5. Power to sow even though I am weeping

6. Power to do the work

7. Power to believe and prepare for what seems impossible

8. Power to not think too much of myself

Something for us (me and you) to think about as we prepare our hearts and minds to align with God’s will and purpose in every circumstance and press towards what God has called each of us to do.

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