Series: Power/ Joshua

This is my experience, we all are different.

Between every test God has given me, there is a space of time that I reconcile what I believe God wants me to do against my fear. The first was the hardest, I felt as if I was walking off a cliff, but I sensed God with me.

I really appreciate reading Joshua 1:1-9, and getting an understanding of the power it takes to align your will with God’s especially when you can see obstacles, but not the promise.

God encourages Joshua and tells him, “as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee”. And thereafter, three times tells Joshua to be strong and courageous.

As a Believer, when you discover your calling, your purpose, your assignment, God will give you direction, a command and a piece of the vision to encourage you. Most people, even family and friends may not understand or agree. And, you face many challenges, the biggest of which will be conquering the fears imbedded in your mind, heart, and your past.

I’m going to assume that Joshua was afraid because God chose to encourage him. And, I can’t judge, because I have been afraid with everyone of my tests and I am afraid of the one I’m in right now.

But, there is no turning back.

We are God’s servants, vessels to do his will. So we read God’s word to prepare our minds and hearts to meet our fears, we praise him and welcome his presence in our lives and we listen for his encouraging words to strengthen us as we conquer what we cannot see.

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