Series: Power/ Joshua/ Points 9 – 16

Series: Power/ Joshua, Points 9 – 16

Joshua 1:1-9 shares Joshua’s calling and his power thorough commitment and resolve to follow God’s command.

While reading, I noted 35 points of power that Joshua demonstrated as he acknowledged his position as God’s servant.

Below are 9-16 of the 35 points I will share with you this week regarding Joshua’s power:

Points 9-16:

9. Power to be content with what I have, God is with me and will never leave me

10. Power to survive

11. Power to work

12. Power to let go

13. Power to realize your life makes way for others

14. Power to be patient and righteous as you wait for the promise

15. Power to be righteous and obedient in order to claim the full promise and more

16. Power to conquer your fear as you reach for God’s promise

More for us (me and you) to think about.

More tomorrow.

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