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Series: Power/ Joshua

I concluded my studies on faith a couple of weeks ago and was thinking, what comes after faith?

Last week, a good friend of mine passed away suddenly. To settle my mind, I reached and listened to Bishop TD Jakes on YouTube. The Bishop’s message, “The Power of His Presence” was taken from the story of Joshua and his calling to govern the Children of Israel after Moses died (Joshua 1:1-9).

Reading Mathew Henry’s Commentary (Complete) the testimony of the life of Moses gives a clear understanding of what being God’s servant looks like.

We are all God’s instruments to do as he pleases. His servants, when they die, will rest from their labours and enter into the joy of our Lord. God will use any of his instruments to finish where his servant left off.

I think about a good friend that recently passed, all that he accomplished in 48 years, and the plans he shared. Everything he did, God will use someone else to pick up where he left off.

In the space of time Moses died and God called Joshua, there was great sadness, but soon after God called Joshua for there was work to do.

God gives us much joy, but there are also days of great sadness that we must not linger in. It takes power to lift your head up and be faithful, to do extraordinary works directed and commanded by God.

But this is what we as God’s servant are to do, even in our sadness.

There is work to be done.

Inspirational messages,

Praying for those that have lost a friend.

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