Series: Joshua/Go

Still on Joshua 3:1-6

Each of us was created and designed for purpose (Psalm 139: 13-16). So, purpose is already in each of us.

My opinion, there is not a particular day that God decides to “call” you, He has been “calling” us all along, but many of us were/are distracted by our own desires, by the world’s values, even our past and disappointments. And along the way, we develope habits and behaviors contrary to our design and purpose.

When we make the commitment to follow, we don’t have to be perfect, but we do need to pay attention to habits, behaviors, how we think, how our past shapes our present, and even relationships (personal and professional) that we need to separate ourselves from.

Separation creates space where we have more time to focus on our relationship with God and what He wants us to do.

The more we work on letting go, the easier it is to follow and …….. GO.

Something to think about.

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