Series: Go/Joshua

Joshua 4:10

Six words- “and the people hasted and passed over”.

On first read, I thought this was a good thing, the people hurried up and passed over the Jordan River on the way to their promised Canaan.

But digging deeper, I looked up the words “hasted” and “passed”.

Hasted means to hurry, to be in a panic, not thinking things through.

Passed means to go from one state to the other, to alter or change, from unjust to just.

Now those six words give me a different perspective the children of Israel:

The people hasted (hurried, panic, thoughtless) and passed over (from one state to the other).

Reading Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Complete), the author gives us an even deeper perspective.

Some hasted because:

a. They were not able to trust God. Being conscious of their guilt and reserve of God’s power and goodness, they were afraid the Jordan River waters would drown them.

b. Some were not willing to temp God to continue the miracle longer than it needed or to stretch the patience of the priest that carried the ark with unnecessary delay

c. Some were eager to be in Canaan and longed for that pleasant land

d. Others were indifferent and hastened because others did

The people hasted (were in a hurry, panic, thoughtless) as they passed the over Jordan River. Even though they experienced 40 years of miracles and provision and had seen the evidence of God’s Glory and power, they did not trust God, so there was no change in them from one state to the other.

But we do this too.

I just did this a month ago and God corrected me.

I made a major decision and did not even consider asking God about it.
Well, God brought my sin of pride to my attention, corrected me and then directed me to follow him. Reading Joshua has taught me so much about having the mindset of a servant and following God.

So my advice for me, and you can get some too, is that don’t get so comfortable in your relationship with God that you think you can switch up and lead. It’s not going to work. God is in control, I am the servant. Don’t get caught up in hurrying up and passing through your Jordan, that is where the lesson are learned and the testimonies are given.

My Cannan is a pleasant place I desire, but that should not be my focus, I should be present and know that God is with me, in me and for me, and that it’s my testimonies of God’s Glory, power and goodness that draws people to the Good News of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Something for us to think and marinate on.

Inspirational messages,

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