Series: GO/Joshua – Conclusion

Series:GO/Joshua – Conclusion

Today, I am concluding my studies on Joshua, servant of God, leader of the Children of Israel.

I have learned so much that I will use for the rest of my life. Reading Joshua has given me a better understanding of following God with the mindset of a servant. Servants must love, listen, be obedient, humble, smart, follow through and most importantly give God his glory.

Really this life we live is about loving and serving God and living the life he planned for us (purpose) rather than the one we planned.

Aligning our hearts and minds to serve God is a process, but we need God to strengthen us.

Telling you like I am telling myself, that as we follow God, he is perfecting us for his purpose. There will be many good days and some bad days in Canaan, but it’s our responses where we are that are so important.

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