Series: GO/Joshua

Chapter 7:16-26

Achan confessed to Joshua that he stole from God. And, Achan and all that he had (children, livestock, property) were stoned and set on fire by the people of Isreal.

And, the decorative robe and small portions of silver and gold he stole in the besiege of Jericho were also burned with him.

Everything that belonged to God was returned to him. And, God turned from the fierceness of his anger and Israel was no longer accursed.

But let us not just consider Archan’s sin (symptom), but let’s also consider the condition of his mind and heart.

First, Achan had a big problem – he was was greedy.

What he stole had little value, he couldn’t wear the robe or spend the money, and it was nothing in comparison to God’s promise of Canaan (land designated to each tribe and the spoils of the cities of Canaan – except Jericho which was God’s.)

And, let’s remember, Achan was from the tribe of Judah, the most prominent, important, and honored tribe of Israel. So we can assume that Achan had a position within Israel and his needs provided for – but he was greedy.

Greedy people are not content people.

People that are not content tend to not really trust God.

People who don’t trust God tend to lean on their own understanding and do things their way.

And, when circumstances arise that test their weakness, their faith in God is challenged.

In my opinion, Achan’s greed was a reflection of what he felt/thought about himself rather than what God said he was, loved, protected, created for a purpose to do his will.

Achan was not content with his life or himself and did not trust or believe in God’s promises or warnings in his life. He had been in God’s presence his entire life, witnessing God’s miracles over and over again, and still did not trust him. Why? Because Achan didn’t have a servant mindset to follow/trust God.

A couple of years ago, God tested me on trusting money more than I trusted him. Believe me when I say that was the worst time of my life wrestling with what I thought versus what I believed. Ultimately it came down to this, when I meet my maker, I want to hear, well done my good and faithful servant. I couldn’t imagine my life separated from God or my purpose, so I stepped off the edge of my cliff and trusted God.

God created and called each of us to live a life of purpose. We can act like we don’t hear God calling us, but eventually, we all have to decide whether we are going to trust and depend on him or not. When we trust God with an open mind and heart to hear and apply his word to our lives, piece by piece he heals us so that we start to see his vision and the purpose for our lives.

When we don’t believe God’s word applies to us (the promises and the warnings), we risk developing a hardened heart and living a small life. Achan could have given God the glory in his life, instead, he thought he could elevate his life by stealing God’s glory. In the end, Achan witnessed for himself that God is in control as he reclaimed his glory through death and fire.

We are not here in this world to trust in our thinking, things, or people, we are here to love and do God’s will- that’s it, that’s all. So, let us as Believers be mindful to consistently check our minds and hearts to make sure we are not leaning on our own understanding in this life, but rather trusting in God and living a life of purpose.

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