Series: GO/Joshua

Series: GO/Joshua

Joshua 7:1-5

Everyday that I study Joshua, I am learning how to apply the wisdom and knowledge in God’s word to help me focus and navigate my Canaan. God’s words are not just printed text, but they are God’s own words of love for each of us to apply to our own lives.

My opinion, everybody wants to get to Canaan (God’s promise, blessings), but we have to remember that there is great responsibility and work to do. Before the Children of Israel entered the city of Jericho, God gave them three rules. One of the rules was not to take the city’s valuable spoils, these were to be set aside for God. My opinion, our mindset before we enter Canaan is very important. Israel was in the desert 40 years, the older generation had died off, Moses was dead, Joshua was called to lead, they hastily walked through the Jordan River, and now after all this time they are in Canaan. I’m going to guess that within Israel, even with God being with them, protecting them, providing for them and showing his power through miracles, that there were of course people that were grateful, but also people complaining and those who felt they deserved more than God’s promise of Canaan.

Entering into Canaan, a new place full of shiny things, new people, new opportunities creates a space to distract us from our purpose and tempt us to use what has been set aside for God’s glory for ourselves. That is why we must listen to God and have our minds aligned to his will (prayer, study, submission) before we enter Canaan, to help us stay focused and not let our weakness tempt us to go against God.

Very shortly as we continue studying the Book of Joshua, we will discover what happened when one person within Israel did not have their mind and will aligned to God’s command and subsequently took what was God’s (not honoring God for the victory over Jericho) and subsequently transgressed against God.

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