Series: GO/Joshua

Series: GO/Joshua

Joshua 7:1-15

Well now Joshua knows why God is angry, Israel has sinned and transgressed against God’s covenant. God encourages Joshua against his despondency in what has occurred and tells him to get up. Basically, that’s enough mourning, get up, there is work for you to do.

God immediately tells Joshua that Israel has sinned, is now accursed, and that he will not be with them unless they destroy the accursed among them by fire. God also tells Joshua to tell the people to sanctify themselves and Joshua goes on to call each tribe, then each household, then each family, then each man.

Joshua doesn’t know who the sinner is, but the sinner knows he is being sought. God could have called the sinner out, but allows space for him to repent which he does not do because the Bible says, his heart is hardened. Maybe he is one of the Children of Israel that hastened across the Jordan River and did not fully understand what was going on, maybe when he entered Canaan with the rest of Isreal he didn’t believe that Canaan’s blessings were for him as well, maybe when Israel besieged Jericho with Isreal that he did not believe the power and authority of God in his life, maybe he believed that God’s word applied to everyone else, but not him, maybe he thought he was more than what he was and controlled his own life.

But this we do know, God provided space and time throughout the day for Achan to sincerely repent of his sin of transgression against God, but his heart remained hardened thinking no one would find what he tucked away hidden. The condition of his heart even in beautiful Canaan full of God’s blessings caused Archan to sin, to transgress against God, allowing his lust (pride) to push him over his boundary as a servant of God to have what God has which is ultimately wanting to be God.

Lucifer had the same problem, he went beyond his bounds, outside of his purpose, and iniquity (wickedness) manifested in him.

And, sometimes we have the same problem as well. That is why it is so important that throughout the day, we consider whether our hearts, thoughts, and actions are righteous and aligned to God’s will.

Reading Joshua is teaching me that throughout the day, I need to thank God, to ask him for forgiveness when I slip up and remind me that he is the Shepherd and he is in control.

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