Series: GO/Joshua

Series: GO/Joshua
Joshua 7: 1-10

Winning Jericho gave Israel a false sense of their abilities.

Isreal went into battle thinking they would conquered the army of Ai.

There is no mention in Joshua 7: 6-9 that Israel asked God whether they should battle Ai.

No mention that they prayed to God.

No mention that they sought God’s presence.

No evidence they were relying on God and not themselves.

Were they so consumed and puffed up with their Canaan (their blessing) milk that they quickly forget what God’s presence feels like?

In my opinion, it seems as if they hasten into battle with Ai, just as they hastened across the Jordan River, they didn’t first get their minds and hearts focused on God’s will and plans instead of their own.

In the battle with Ai, Isreal lost 36 men out of 3,000 and they retreated in dishonor. They didn’t connect the dots until they were defeated. THEN, Joshua and his army realized, they needed to touch base with God and find out what was going on.

Joshua after tearing his clothes, lying on the ground facing the ark until evening wants to know, is this how Isreal will end, destroyed in the land of Cannan by their enemies? Will Israel’s destruction by the witness to God’s glory? Joshua asks God, What wilt thou do unto thy great name? God tells Joshua to get up, and then asks, why are you laying upon your face?

But we can’t judge Isreal, it seems it’s a human flaw, God blesses us, and soon after we go out into our new Cannan thinking we don’t need to touch base with God and find out what he wants and we are silly enough to believe that we have the power to fight our own battles. We get our power by being obedient, stepping back to the second position, and letting God, be God.

Let’s take a look at your own lives, this past year, this past month, even this past week. Yes, we are smart, educated, capable, filled with years of wisdom, skills, and talents. But, this is the lesson that God is teaching me – if there a significant decision you need to make, consider your heart, pause, and touch base with God and welcome his presence.

We are created for great things, but we should already know, we can do nothing without God.

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