Series: GO/Joshua

Series: GO/Joshua

Joshua: 6: 1-5

Jericho came down by faith, not by force and was an example to the children of Israel to be obedient and patient. The earlier report by Israel’s evil spies (for example, people that always have something negative to say, dream killers, small and insecure people afraid to grow, critical, over analytical) that Jericho’s walls were too high left an impression, before they even saw Jericho for themselves.

Our task is to prepare our minds to be servants of God. We don’t need to force anything (trying to do things our way instead of seeking God first for direction), be afraid or fight the battle, but we do need to be faithful, obedient and patient to be given God’s promise.

My opinion, preparing our minds is a process. During our life, we will be tested over and over again. In each test is a lesson to be learned. It’s the lessons learned that prepare our minds and hearts for the next test.

The more we learn, the more we are able to let go, be obedient, be patient, and wait on God.

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