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Series: GO/Joshua

Joshua 6:1-27

Before they took possession of the city of Jericho, God told the Children of Israel, not to take the forbidden spoils (valuable treasures set aside for God) because he knew who he was dealing with.

When God blesses us (in his ways), our blessings may or may not look like what we expect them to be. Listen, pause, and be careful of pride while you are in Canaan. Pride is subtle and brings with it the root of bitterness.

Based on what we expect our blessings to look like, our pride can manifest bitterness in our lives and cause us to believe, 1)we are more than what we are, or 2) the opposite – believe that we are less than what God created us to be and unable to do what he has called us to do.

Don’t focus on what the blessings look like or how you feel, but pay attention to who comes to seek and destroy and protect your heart with God’s word.

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