Series: GO/Joshua

Joshua 6:1-27

Now that you are in Canaan, what are you going to do?

You prayed all this time for God to deliver you and he has, now what?

The Children of Israel have followed God to Canaan and finally with the sound of the priests trumpets, all on one accord, with a shout, the walls of the city of Jericho fall flat and the Children of Israel can take possession of Jericho. But, before they take one step towards the City, God continues to lead and gives the Children of Israel instructions:

1. possess the cursed city, but stay away from the accursed thing (forbidden spoil that they may have thought the could use and take rather than destroy)

2. save Rehab and her family, destroy all that is in the city- everyone and everything (edge off sword) and burn the city.

3. all the silver, gold, vessels of brass and iron are consecrated unto the Lord and they shall come into the treasury of the Lord.

The lesson that I am taking away today is stay focused. When we are calling on God to answer our prayers, we are so close and welcome his presence. When we get our breakthrough, when God has answered our prayers, don’t get overwhelmed looking at the Cannan (God’s promise) that you get distracted from what God told you to do.

So let’s us stay close to God in in our Canaan just as we were in the midst of our Jordan.

There is still more to do.

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