Series: GO/ Joshua

Joshua 6:1-27

Reading Joshua is blessing and helping me stay focused on serving God and pressing towards my purpose. I pray the same and more for you.

The Lord has given the Children of Israel victory over the City of Jericho. The wall has fallen and there is now a clear path into the city. But, before they can even think about stepping into the defeated Jericho, our wise God commands that they follow some rules:

#1. ALL Canaanites are to be killed with the sword (including animals, but except Rahab and her family) and Jericho and all in it burned (as a sacrifice for the glory of God.)

#2. The city and all treasures, money and valuable goods (forbidden spoil) belong to God (consecrated and sacred) and are to be put into the treasury of the house of the Lord.

#3. Don’t mess with the forbidden spoil (valuables) devoted to God. God gave the Children of Israel the land of Cannan with the victory of Jericho. As noted in Rule #2, all the spoil from the victory belong to God.


The promise of Canaan – full of milk and honey is for you (blessings). Application in our lives, focus and appreciate the blessings that God gives you, but don’t let them distract you from your purpose.

The kill – is for you. Free yourself from distractions that keep you from serving God and fulfilling your purpose. Application in our lives, getting rid of this weight allows more space, opportunity and freedom to serve God and press towards your purpose.

The sacrifice of evil – is for God’s glory. Application in our lives, when we live a life of faith and purpose, our lives are testimonies of God’s power and glory.

Forbidden spoil – is for God who gave the Children of Israel victory over the city of Jericho. God does not need the spoil, but is honored by it. Application in our lives, don’t take what belongs to God, focus on your Canaan (blessings).

Something for us (you and me) to remember, when God gives us Canaan and victory over Jericho, we need to take a pause, pay attention, and stay close to God like we did in the midst of our Jordan River. Don’t get distracted or settle for Jericho’s trinkets, but remember God’s rules and keep pressing towards your purpose.

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