Series: GO/ Joshua

Joshua: 6:1-16

The children of Israel are in Canaan, on the verge of receiving what God has promised. But wait, before the vision is realized, while the seven priests are blowing the ram’s horns, and while they are walking around the city of Jericho for six days, then seven times on the seventh day, they are commanded to be silent, not to speak a word, nor make any noice.

Nope, not a word, not a sound.


The priests blowing of the ram horns were to be looked upon as God speaking. When God is speaking, we are to be quiet.

This is where I usually trip myself up: complaining about and being distracted by my circumstances. If I’m making noise complaining, I have not created a space to fully hear what God is saying or prompting me to do, which is typically – let go Brinda, submit your cares and yourself to God’s plan and follow. That means, I need to begin to align my thoughts, mind, attitude and my mouth to God’s will and plan and not my feelings or what I think.

Hard? Yes.

Doable? Yes, when we realize it’s a life long process as we learn to trust God and follow.

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