Series: Go/ Joshua

Sometimes we get caught up in thinking how can I do what God has asked me to do. In reading Joshua, we are learning that God made the decisions, provided the provisions, and the people followed.

In Joshua 4:14, it reads, “On that day the Lord God magnified Joshua in the sight of Israel; and they feared him, as they feared Moses, all the days of his life.”

Joshua honored God by following.
God in return honored Joshua by magnifying him which allowed Joshua to do more than he probably ever imagined he would ever do.

So as I encourage myself, I hope to encourage you as well- what ever God has called us to do, it is achievable when we follow and honor him consistently in our thoughts, mind, heart and actions.

Will it be easy? No
Will it hurt sometimes?Yes
Will you be uncomfortable?Yes
Will you have to adapt and change? Yes
Will you have to leave some people and things behind? Yes
Will you have moments of fear and uncertainty? Yes
Will you experience love, joy and peace you never though possible? Yes

We follow and honor God so that others will see Him – in us.

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