Series: Go/ Joshua

Joshua, Chapter 4:1-9

We have our Jordan Rivers.
We fear them because of the unknowns, they make us uncomfortable, and we will need to adapt and change.

Reading deeper in Mathew Henry’s Commentary Complete, the author described what the children of Israel possibly encountered when they descended, walked through and ascended the Jordan River. I will describe it in one word- messiness.

Imagine messiness as they walked through mud and rocks all while attending to their families, live stock, carrying tents and their personal items. Yes, God was with them, but they still had to be resilient and walk through the messiness within their Jordan. And while they walked, I’m going to assume there were problems that popped up, people praising and complaining, children laughing and crying, and animals that needed guidance.

As we follow God we will learn a lot about God and about ourselves. We will discover that we are stronger than we ever imagined, we will develop new skills and talents, and we will be introduced to spiritual gifts we never knew we had.

So, let us be prepared for the mess that we will encounter in our Jordan Rivers and let us be bold and resilient as we GO and follow our God.

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