Topic: Faith/Abraham- Faith and Obedience

We read in Genesis: 22:10, And Abraham stretches forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son. So, Abraham is willing to kill his son, Issac.

Skipping to Genesis 22:11-14, we read the angel of the Lord called unto Abraham from heaven and told him not to harm Issac. God instead provides Abraham with a ram i for the sacrifice (reference as Christ the Redeemer being sacrificed for us instead).

I was thinking, through this whole trial/testing, I wonder if Abraham knew for certain that he would follow through with God’s command. While he was in motion being faithful, preparing to kill what he loved, did he have moments that he questioned God’s wisdom, wonder why this was happening to him after all these years of walking with God and following him.

God knows our hearts, he knew what Abraham would do, but did Abraham know for certain that he would kill actually kill Issac, his son.

Above all that Issac represented to Abraham, he was Issac’s earthly father and he loved him dearly.

But, Abraham proved in his willingness to obey God, that he loved God more. Abraham had given up his country and family to follow God, he knew that God was faithful. And when he was commanded to give up his son, Abraham as was willing to be obedient.

What I am taking away from Abraham’s evidence of faith, is that his faith was active, he prepared what was around him and his self (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) to meet God’s command and when it was time, he was willing to be obedient.

Thinking about what God has to me to do, tell people they are valuable and have purpose. God shows us parts of his vision as we follow him. Abraham believed God’s command would go one way, instead it went another, but God provided the sacrifice.

God knows what we will do, our trials/tests are more about discovering our weakness and our cheerful willingness to be obedient to God, not once but continually through our lives. To obey is better than sacrifice, (1 Samuel 15:22).

I need to really think about this more: our willingness to obey increases our faith, which intensify our new trials, which requires more obedience, which produces more faith.

More tomorrow.

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