Series: Faith/ Restlessness

So here we are in Genesis 4:13-15. God has cursed Cain to a miserable life and what does Cain do? Complain, that his punishment is more than he can bear. Again, Cain through his anger and envy has missed an opportunity to confess his sins, renew his relationship with God and be faithful.

Cain had access to God and the opportunity to talk about anything in the universe, but again, he was focused on his desires rather than God’s will for his life.

In the Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Complete), it provides some insight into what Cain’s future would be look like:

Perpetual restlessness, bitterness, disappointments, condemnation, disgrace and reproach among men, no one to talk to or befriend, horror in his own mind, a guilty conscious, no rest wherever he goes, at the call of his own lusts.

Out of anger and envy, Cain chose a life of restlessness instead of asking God to forgive him and align his desires to God’s will.

For me, knowing my purpose gives me a platform of faith – it provides sustenance, settles me and keeps me focused on what is most important in my life – praising and serving God.

I wonder what Cain’s life would have been like had he learned leave the past in the past, accept God’ love and God’s promise of a Redeemer.

The lesson of faith I am taking away from studying about Cain and Abel is that God by his grace and mercy gives us free will to choose good over evil, to be faithful or not to be faithful. It takes love, courage and faith to believe in promises versus what we can see and touch. But, this is what is required as a Believer, to love and believe in God, but also to believe in his design, his creation and walk this life choosing faith.

Doesn’t mean we are perfect all the time and won’t have our moments, but our choice, our response to God’s faithfulness and will for our lives is to be faithful.

I still feel I need to know more about faith, so I will continue with this topic next week. Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.

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