Series: Faith – Be Real, Be Authentic

Saying this with love.

It’s applicable to all Believers, including me, you, old and young, those that have served a long time, those that have just started, those with ministries and missions, and especially those that lead and those that follow.

You, individually as a person, a human,
as God’s creation have to have your own relationship with God – first.

That takes time, not just reading and studying the Bible, going to church or serving, but believing that God’s word applies to you, not just everybody else, but to YOU.

Application of God’s word requires that we (individually) align ourselves to his way. Which requires the difficult task of submission – letting go of who you think you are (all titles, labels, positions, past, hurt, loss, dissapointments) and working everyday towards who God says we (individually) are.

Said directly, be authentic, be real, take off the “I got it all together face” and tell your testimony of the real you, the person whose back was up against the wall, that tried everything, and after years of running from God, fell on their knees and while sobbing uncontrollably submitted their life to God.

No one is perfect, no one is requiring you to be 100% all the time, you are not God, you are not Jesus Christ, we are simply people, human vessels created for a time to do God’s will.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, our task is to tell people the Good News of Jesus Christ (with love and being authentic) to baptize and to teach (with Jesus Christ as the model and Teacher, not us).

People are longing for and in need of Jesus Christ and his eternal message of love, salvation, purpose, acceptance, understanding, forgiveness, emotional healing and liberty.

But they want to hear it from the real, authentic you, the person God created ages ago for this time (Psalms 139:13-16).

So, I’m telling myself and you can get some too, our calling, our purpose is not about us, it’s about what God wants, for all to be saved.

And that requires some love for ourselves and others.

So be real, be the authentic you.

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