Faith: Abraham- Guided by Wisdom and Faith

In Genesis 12:3-10, we read that Abraham prepares to fulfill God’s

command to kill Issac. God is testing Abraham to see who Abraham loves more, him or Issac.

There is no reference that Abraham debates God or that Issac when confronted with the fact that he was the offering, debated or struggled with his father.

Abraham was obedient in offering his son Issac as the sacrifice and Issac is willing to be sacrificed.

No why

No crying

No debating

No confusion

No running

No hiding

No procrastination

No waiting till it was convenient

No asking what others thought

No substitute

None of that.

With a broken and contrite (remorseful) spirit, Abraham fixed his mind on what God told him to do.

I’m reading and wondering was Issac really the sacrifice or was Abraham’s broken heart the sacrifice?

I’m going to assume that from the time God commanded Abraham to sacrifice Issac, that his heart was racked with anxiety and fear. And even so, he

prepares to submit to the divine rule,

and continue his walk with God, what ever the cost and possible disadvantage to himself and his future (his marriage, having a son, his position in life, what people think of him). None of this is to distract Abraham from what God has commanded him to do.

The lesson I am pulling from today’s study on faith are two things:

1. Even when I am afraid, keep moving and be obedient to God, and

2. Be careful not to let a blessing from God (Isaac) create space in my relationship with God.

This is hard to get our heads around this, and often I have to remind myself that I am simply a vessel here for a time to do God’s will. My gratitude for God’s grace for simply allowing me to serve him – is to be obedient and do it with a cheerful resignation and submission to his holy will (1 Samuel 3:18).

Lord, please teach me, less of me and more of you.

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