Series: DO THE WORK/ What’s Next – A New Relationship/ Part 6

This is the last post on the topic of DO THE WORK.

If you missed any of the previous post, I encourage you to go back and read them. For those who DID THE WORK, I am going to keep going.

So how do you feel?

I pray that you you feel refreshed and filled with a peace that defies understanding.

I pray that you feel a connection to God that you have never experienced before, a sense of His presence all about you.

I pray that His love has covered you and given you a desire to love, understand and forgive yourself and others.

I pray that your eyes now see beyond your past, that you can hear the Holy Spirit more clearly, that your spirit is lighter, that you have a desire to continually seek God and be in His presence.

Enjoy your new relationship with God. Enjoy the feeling of being in His presence. Savor every moment and hold on to Him and His Word.

What’s next?

Just like any other relationship, you need to spend time with God.

Here are my suggestions:

1. Everyday, in the morning, before you start your day, say good morning to God and thank Him for another day, then spend some time in His Word with a grateful heart.

2. Go to a teaching church and and include other Believers within your circle of friends – inside and outside of church.

3. Go online or to a bookstore and purchase yourself a Study Bible. Once you open it you will see the difference in a typical Bible and a Study Bible which has notes and references for deeper perspectives and understanding.

4. Go to weekly Bible Study (going to church once a week is not enough), take notes, ask questions and after each class, re-read and study what was taught. There are no stupid questions.

5. Attend Bible classes to find out more about God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ to get a deeper understanding of Christian principals, Biblical doctrine, Christian church history, etc. For those in the metro Detroit area, I recommend Ambassador Bible Training School taught at my church, Family Victory Fellowship Church in Southfield, MI, Pastors Larry and Sylvia Jordan.

6. Don’t just listen to people tell you the the Word, read and study God’s Word for yourself.

7. Something bothering you? Something you are not certain about? Then go to the Bible and read about your problem or subject.

Steps: a) go online to Google, b) type Bible verses then your problem (i.e., fear, pride), c) press the Enter key, you will find Bible verses that speak to your problem and d) read, study, meditate and pray about your problem or subject until you are comfortable to move onto a new one.

Note: I also like to go to YouTube, pull up Bishop TD Jakes, then search out my problem or topic within his videos and listen for additional perspectives and teaching.

8. Pray (talk to God) and listen for the Holy Spirit’s revelation, correction and direction.

9. Go to the App Store (iPhones) or Google Play (for androids) and add a journal app to your smartphone that allows you to write down/record your notes, thoughts and revelations. I use SuperNotes app (App Store). Just write, don’t edit as you write, just let your thoughts and feelings flow.

10. Listen to Gospel music and create your own playlist. I use my playlist to praise, worship and to recenter myself.

11. Stay focused. Be consistent. Be faithful. Be righteous.

12. Give to others what God gave you – love, understanding, grace, mercy, kindness and forgiveness.

13. Please read and study the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:1-23 and Mark 4: 1-20. The parable gives four different perspectives on how people receive God’s Word, but it also shows how people respond to God through His Word.

I pray that you have gotten something out of this series – DO THE WORK and that you have discovered more than you expected in you and in God.

He said TRUST HIM and I will.