Series – DO THE WORK/ Love – Part 1

I believe that all roads lead to love.

We all want it, crave it and obsess over it. When we don’t get the measure of love we believe we should have gotten – that’s when trouble begins.

For the majority of us, that expectation of love started when we were children. If you feel you were not loved, those emotions don’t go away, they linger in your childhood and manifest in your adult life.

Doesn’t matter is you are 21, 54 or 106, your feelings, those expectations never leave until they are fully addressed. Those unaddressed expectations of love soon manifest into new emotions you never considered – Anger, Insecurity, Bitterness, Jealousy, Envy, and even Fear.

Those emotions linger and manifest in how you feel about yourself, how you speak and how you treat others and how you allow others to treat you.

It doesn’t matter if you read every self help book there is, go to every empowerment and prosperity conference, run to any and everybody for advice, earn the highest educational degree, be at the top of your career, get married, have kids, get divorced, or jump and shout at church.

You will never be at peace until you confront yourself and ask yourself some questions like:

Why do I act like I do?

What do I feel like I am missing?

What happened to me as a child that has made me like this?

What do I feel was taken from me?

Then, think backwards.

Your right now may have been manifested out of something your parent, relative, teacher or even a stranger said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do. Those moments in time hurt us and bind us.

For some of us, those moments are still fresh and constantly on our minds. But God.

God can heal and unbind you from your past.

And, He does it with Love. But first, you have to consider that there is another way of doing what you have always done and choose to believe that God’s Word, when you apply it daily over your life can heal you you from the past and set you free.

With Love,

Brinda Devine