The message of DOING THE WORK consists of spending time acknowledging your personal issues and burdens and taking them to God in prayer, discovering His love and establishing/ establishing your friendship (relationship) with God.

If you missed Parts 1-4 of this series, I encourage you to go back and read them for more details.

Today we are are on Part 5 and I am going to assume that you have thought about DOING THE WORK, but haven’t started because you have another “friend” that has been spending time with you whispering in your ear. Now this “friend” you know very well. You don’t like how they make you feel, but over the years you have grown comfortable in their presence.

This “friend” is FEAR.

FEAR will insert itself within your daily thoughts and convince you to believe the opposite of what God tells you:

* I can’t do that.

* It don’t take all that. * God knows my heart already. * I don’t have time, I’m busy. * I got too much going on at home and the job right now. * I will do this later. * I don’t want to think about that stuff, its too painful. * I don’t want to bother God with my problems. * God is busy with bigger issues than mine. * I’ve got this under control. * God doesn’t love me. * I am ashamed and filled with shame and guilt.

* Life is not worth living.

* I have a family to take care of.

* No one in my family ever did that.

* I’m too old or I’m too young.

* I’m not qualified.

* I don’t have the money or the resources.

* No one will help me.

* I have a condition.

* People will think I’m crazy.

* I’m not good enough.

* I am nobody.

* Nobody loves me or understands.

* God will never forgive me.

Let me help you. God has NOTHING to do with fear. Who is actually talking to you through FEAR is Satan. He does not want you to DO THE WORK. He doesn’t want you to find out how much God really loves you. He doesn’t want you to have a relationship with God. He doesn’t want you to know how VALUABLE you are. He doesn’t want you to know that God has created you for a PURPOSE.

But, he does want you to waste your time, waste your life focused and DISTRACTED by those moments in your past that have hurt you, so that you will never fully realize your VALUE and the PURPOSE God has for your life.

It’s that simple. That is why you have to DO THE WORK.

I pray that you hear the message in this post, that you understand the importance of pushing past the FEAR and stepping into God’s love that forgives us and heals all pains, burdens, sorrows and regrets and replaces them with the LOVE you desire and the JOY and PEACE you seek.