Series Topic: Black Woman, What I Never Told You

Going to spend a few days on this topic. Being a Black woman, racism and gender bias has always been a part of my life. In some periods it was overt, others subtle or passive, but always a lingering presence from childhood and even now as an adult over 50.

The current climate has caused me to think about racism and gender bias way more than I have cared to.

Woman we are funny, we can appear to be strong, but it’s those unexpected moments of racism and/or gender bias that catch you off guard. You search your heart and hope that it’s not what you thought, but eventually you see if for what it is and file it away in your mind.

Sometimes you are sad, sometimes angry, sometimes bitter, all of which can if we are not careful, distract us from being our authentic selves and living a life of purpose.

Another thing about women, we talk, but we don’t always speak up for ourselves. I believe if we tell our stories that threecgreat things can happen:

1. We learn more about ourselves

2. Other people learn more about us

3. We (you, me, us, them and they) can learn about each other and begin to see each other as humans with like goals and desires.

So for a few days, I will post on a few of my own moments as a Black woman and what I never told.

Let’s see what happens.

Inspirational messages,

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