Today is my  fifth post in this series: Black Woman / What I Never Told You – Money

We want it, we gotta have it.

Problem is too often women, are afraid to ask for the amount of wage,  salary or fee they are worth.

I don’t have that problem.

I have always ask for the salary I want, I don’t always get it, but I ask for it.

In most scenarios, market demand dictates value. That does not always happen when applied to the wages/salaries of women compared to men. Black women on average make just 61 cents for their white male counterpart. We have made great strides the last 20 years in reducing the wage gap, but 100% should be your personal goal.

Negotiation starts with knowing what you want.

So my question is this?

When you are offered a new job, a promotion or contract, do you ask for what you want?

Or do you take what is offered so not to offend or thought to be confrontational?

Stop it! Money is a tool, a means to an end, it is not personal, it’s business. Not negotiating for what you want is simply leaving money on the table for someone else and significantly impacts your present and future economic stability.

Believe in yourself, your education, skills and experience, and ask for what you are worth.

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