Intimate Prayer, John 17:1-5, Jesus as our Intercessor, praying for us (paperback)


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Life is about relationships – John 17:1-5

I realized that I was lacking a more intimate prayer life with God. While reading the Book of Ezekiel, I came across a reference to John 17:1-5. I read the five verses but sensed there was more to pull from these, so I reached for my Rev. Matthew Henry Commentary (Complete) for more insight and layered perspective of Jesus as he prays to God as our Intercessor. Within those five verses, Rev. Mathew Henry weaves in my opinion, a thread of love, from the spiritual intimacy between God, the Father and his Son, Christ (co-eternal with God) and then weaves the thread from Christ to Jesus (the man, God in flesh) to us, God’s creation, heirs through Jesus Christ as our Intercessor and Redeemer, back to God, then extending again the same thread of love, the gift of eternal life to the human race that was lost with Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden. God and Christ, willingly with the greatest love sacrificed what they had so that we, God’s creation, can live eternally with them in heaven. As Romans 8:28 so wisely and loving expresses, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose”, I believe this thread of love from God, to Christ, has been weaved through the ages and continues through our everyday lives.

God’s love is forever, never ending. We do nothing to deserve it, yet God loves us anyway through his endless grace and mercy simply because he loves us. This life we live is simply about our relationship with God and how we chose to respond to his love.


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