In my opinion, faith has two sides, what we are confident God will do, but also realizing that we have work to do.

Just as faith requires a commitment from us, opportunity as a right, (rather than a gift to be given or withheld) requires preparation.

Sometimes an opportunity will present itself, maybe something we hoped for, or maybe never expected in our lifetime. The first thought that we often entertain is, “I can’t”. Then, we pause and imagine obstacles ahead, blocking us from opportunity.

Me, I’m greedy, I want everything that God has for me, even if it means I need to prepare by staying up late reading, filling out forms, Googling and searching topics, taking classes, watching webinars, learning new things, adapting to change, meeting new people, sharing my opinion, enlarging my circle, using my own money, looking crazy to other people, all the while pressing and reaching for what God has for me.

My opinion, Psalms 139: 13-16 lays the foundation of our individual design and purpose. As you read it, see yourself in God’s Word, then read it again and again and know that God makes no mistakes, you were destined for purpose and that you have everything you need.

Faith without works is dead.


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