Series: Power/ Joshua

Joshua’s Calling

In Joshua 1:1-9, after Moses’ death, God calls Joshua to govern the children of Israel.

Moses is known by many as a great man: he has a relationship and converses with God, he lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt and he has governed them for nearly 40 years.

God didn’t ask Joshua to be Moses,

God asked Joshua to be Joshua.

Joshua could have tripped himself up and tried to be a new Moses, but God encouraged him to be strong and courageous and stay focused on what he had commanded him to do.

I’m going to guess that one of the biggest obstacles Believers face in living out their purpose is comparing what they are doing to others.

Each of us is unique with our own talents, gifts and purpose (Psalm 139: 13-16). There will definitely be some similarities, none will be exactly the same, but all will be aligned with God’s will and his purpose.

So don’t compare yourself or your calling/assignment/purpose to anyone.

Be about what God wants you to do.

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