Christians believe in God, Christ and the Holy Spirit as the Holy Trinity.

Many believe in going to church, fellowshipping, memorizing scriptures, serving in ministries, singing, praising and worshiping.

But what about believing and acting in love?

Not just for ourselves, family and friends, but people you don’t know – outside your immediate circle.

We are so quick to judge, deny and hate other people simple because of who we think they are while with the same lips, crying out to God for our wants and needs.

Love is weaved through the relationship between God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, that love is what brought each of us into existence.

Being a Christian is not about sitting on a church pew year after year, it’s about being disciple in Christ and believing and acting in love by giving freely what you receive – mercy, grace, love, kindness, patience, long suffering, joy, peace, faithfulness, goodness and gentleness.

We are known and remembered by our fruit and how we make people feel.

Something to think about.

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