When I was about 26, my mother sat me down and told me that basically all my troubles steamed from one cause – I didn’t love myself. And she was right, I didn’t love myself and that lack manifested in practically everything I said and did. My mother gave me good insight, but she failed to tell me how to learn to love myself.

So, I stumbled almost 30 more years trying to figure this love myself stuff out. On paper, I looked good – educated, good job, house, car, etc. I faked it until I thought I made it, adding more damage to my heart, hurting others along the way with my lack of emotional and spiritual depth.

In 2014, I submitted my life and heart to God and in loving Him, I learned to love myself completely.  When I started to love myself, that’s when my capacity (emotional and spiritual) opened up and I began to see people as human in need of the same things I wanted my entire life – love and understanding.

It’s difficult to listen and really hear someone else, to see them as humans with their own story full of experiences, some of which are painful and very different from your own life experiences when you are hurting yourself.

I challenge you to pause and consider your own condition. Do you love yourself?

The more we know and love God, the more we learn to love ourselves, the more open and receptive we are to love other people, not just with words, but with our hearts and to see them as human – no different than ourselves.

Love you, love others.

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