Series: Joshua/Go

In reading about Joshua and his call to lead the Children of Israel to Canaan (their holy and promised land), we know that he was committed and resolved to follow God.

But how did Joshua feel about the assignment God gave him?

I didn’t see any reference of Joshua expressing how he felt. But, God knew Joshua’s strengths and weaknesses and the tests and challenges he would face on the way to Canaan and so he encouraged his good servant to be strong and courageous.

When I started to understand what my purpose was I was not happy at all.


Because my purpose was out of my comfort zone doing things I had never done before and I was afraid. Of course I wanted to please God, but I wanted to be comfortable doing it. And this is where many of us get stuck – fear of the unknown.

Believe me I get it, but I eventually realized that each of us are called to purpose and great works for God so that others can see His glory, believe and receive the gift of salvation and eternal life through our Savior, Jesus Christ. This is the life of a disciple of Christ, a Believer, a servant of God to follow.

So, we go.

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