Free, Learning To Let Go

This morning I was thinking how wonderful it is to be free.

Then my thoughts wandered to – growing up, nobody really taught us to be free.

We were taught to be bound in school, work, life, but not to be free spiritually and in life.

We think, live and do the things over and over again for decades and rarely have the courage to life up our head and ask ourselves why.

But then we are mad and jealous because we see others seemingly happy, progressing, living, free.

You can be free, but you gotta have to some courage and cut those binds off your mind, your thinking, what you settle for.

You gotta learn let some friends and family members go.

You gotta open up your heart forgive a lot of people, including yourself.

You gotta learn to accept what God’s Word says about you and learn to really love you.

Then you will begin to feel free.

The more of you let go, the more you can love, the lighter you become.


Have a great day and try something new today.