Series: Go/ Joshua Joshua 3: 1-17

As God reveals pieces of his plan for your life (calling, assignment, purpose), there be great joy and an overwhelming sense of gratitude that he chose you. You will also experience the greatest fear in your life. Satan will immediately speak and tell you what you cannot do. That’s his job, so don’t be mad, but GO and prepare your heart and mind to follow God’s plan.

Living a life of purpose tests us in ways we never imagined. Purpose also shines light on our weaknesses and what we love the most – the world or God. In our tests, we learn through being honest with ourselves and God that we need him to strengthen and direct us.

In reading Joshua, I am reminded to be like the priests that carried God’s ark ahead of the Children of Israel through the Jordan river and Jericho into their Canaan, to go and be bold as I place my feet at the brim of my Jordan river, be still in faith and watch every obstacle separate in the presence and power of God.

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