Genesis 5:21-24, has few words, but it tells us so much about Enoch, who walked with God. What people do often tells you more about a them than what they say. In Genesis 5:21-25, Enoch’s testimony tells us volume about him and his character.

This is what we know: at 65 he had a son, that he walked with God at least 300 years,he lived 365 years, he walked with God, he pleased God, God loved Enoch and took him to heaven and did not experience death.

As Believers we often hear, “walk with God” which essentially means align your will to God’s will, stay in step with him. When we read the Bible, we often read over words and don’t really drill down to understand what they mean (spiritually and secularly) and don’t necessarily apply God’s Word to ourselves. Enoch had an individual relationship with God.

We each are to have our own individual relationship with God. Going to church, serving in ministries, attending religious events where we fellowship with each other is important, but our first priority is our individual (just you and God)relationship with God. I have often hear the saying, “walk by faith, not by sight”, but what does that mean? What does that look like?

In Mathew Henry’s Commentary (Complete), we get some insight as to what Enoch’s walk with God looked like:

1. communed (sharing one’s intimate thoughts and feeling) with God

2. was in reconciliation with God, that is aligned with God’s will

3. lived a righteous and sober (clearheaded) life

4. set God before himself and acted as if he was under God’s eye

5. a life of communion with God both in ordinances (the Law) and providences (protective care of God)

6. made God’s word his rule and God’s glory his end in all actions

7. constant care and endeavor in everything to please God and nothing to offend him

8. comply with God’s will, concur with his designs, and to be workers together with God

9. follow God as dear children These are excellent points to remember and work towards. But we have to remember, there may be some similarities in our walks, but our individual relationships and walks with God are our own and not to be compared to others.

The lesson that I pulled from today’s study of Enoch is that God is loving and patient as we walk with him. It takes love, courage, focus, submission, obedience, knowledge and time to take off the “old you” and put on the “new you” with a new heart and mind aligned to God’s will. We don’t know what Enoch endured and gave up to walk and follow God, I’m sure there were many glorious days as well as sad days as he walked with God. Enoch’s testimony, as well as our own are really testimonies of God’s glory.

I believe that we should share our testimonies with others. Not only do our testimonies encourage others, but sharing encourages us as we walk by faith, and not by sight.

Today, we have much to think about as we consider our own walks and testimonies.

More tomorrow.

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