Topic: Faith – Abram Willing to Follow

Our last study, we learned more about God’s servant Abram and how he was obedient and faithful to his test – to leave all he knew, his country, family and father’s house and follow God to an unseen land in Cannan. Today, let’s fast forwarded to Genesis Chapter 22: 1-2, where God temps (tests) Abram, who is now called Abraham with a command to travel with his only son Isaac to a mountain in Moriah, kill Isaac and offer him as a burnt offering (sacrifice) to God. Which does Abraham love more? His only, beloved son Issac, (upon who his family would be built) or his God who for many years he has trusted, followed by faith and answered his prayers for a son.

In verse 3, we are told Abraham gets up early in the morning and heads off to Moriah along with Isaac, two young male servants and some wood. Reading this, I’m like what happened between verse 2 and 3? All we know is that Abraham is in motion, obedient to God’s command. I had my son late in life, and I love him with everything I have. I don’t put him before God, but I am going to be honest, this test would have been the biggest struggle of my life. And, I’m certain that most parents have a hard time trying to imagine what they would do. So, let’s try to digest this another way. Other than our children, what do we (me and you) love so much in our lives, that God would be inclined to test our willingness to kill it (remove it permanently) from our lives and sacrifice it as evidence of our love, trust and faith in God?

That is a difficult question. Let’s put some thought into it and touch base tomorrow.

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