Expand your circle.

There are people that are racist (direct and undercover).

And then there are people who are not been aware, not because they don’t care, but because the majority of the people in their circle look, think, act, and live just like them. So, in their world everything is okie dokie. Unaware people, we need you to wake up and pay attention. Stop believing what you heard, no one is trying to take anything from you or hurt you.

We just need you to wake up and expand your circle, meet new people, read, be curious ask hard questions, listen, hear people out, try not to huddle, support and have empathy and compassion for people – everyone is not supposed to be a copy of your life experiences (good and bad).

We will never agree on everything, and we don’t have to, but we can see each other as people and understand that we have differences, but we also have two huge similarities – we all (you, me, us and them) want to be loved and and understood.

Let’s start here, expand your circle.

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