I was thinking about my previous posts and I realized that I needed to expand on the topic of – bringing your burdens to God.

When I was living a life of anger and hurt, I was bound to my past. There were reasons behind my anger, but I didn’t take the time to acknowledge my emotions and how my past was impacting my life – how I felt about myself, how I dealt with others and most importantly, my relationship with God.

When I finally took the time and brought my burdens to the Lord, I had to finally be truthful to myself and acknowledge WHAT I was bringing to His alter.

The point is not to update God on you, because He already knows you.

The point is to acknowledge that you are weak and cannot pretend to be your own god anymore, that you confess that He is God and Lord, and believe that He can heal and free you from your emotional hurts that have kept you bound for so may years.

So when you take your burdens to the Lord, you have to be honest with yourself. You have to tell God about what is bothering you, what has hurt you, what is holding you back, pressing on your spirit, what makes you act the way you do.

I don’t know your story, but maybe it was:

A family member or stranger molested you. A parent abused or beat you. A father that was never in your life. A mother that constantly criticized. An injury that took the use of your sight, hearing or limbs. A childhood of poverty and neglect. A parent that died while you were a child or teenager.

An alcoholic or drug addicted parent.

A sibling died when you where a child. You were forced to drop out of school. Circumstanced that forced you to grow up too soon. Shame and guilt over something you did or allowed.

You believe no one really loved you.

I don’t know your story, but you do and you can take all of it to the Lord and be healed.

Someone once asked me how long it would take before they would be happy, I told them that God’s healing is always available, that the real problem is whether they were ready to to be healed and receive His promises.

You can be healed right now, but you have to:

1) accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior (that means let go of trying to control everything, trust God, follow Jesus as your Teacher and Model,

2) apply God’s Word over your life and listen to the Holy Spirit for revelation, correction and direction, and

3) DO THE WORK which is in essence allowing the old you to die and the new you to align to God’s will for your life.

God is always available and He is waiting on you. Be honest with yourself and take your burdens to Him.


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