Growing up, many of us were told that big girls/ boys don’t cry. So when we got hurt, we pretended we were good and pushed our pain down.

As adults, many of us still abide by the same mindset.  We smile at work, at home with family, out with our friends and act like everything is ok – when it’s not.

If you really want a new and better life, to be healed by God’s Word, you are going to have to let your walls down, be vulnerable, open, humble, patient, long suffering (yes there is a difference, Google it), and you will cry -a lot.

Don’t look at crying as being weak, change your perspective and think of crying is a healing force as you let go to the Creator and take your position as the creation.

As you allow God’s Word to heal your dearest hurts, you will feel a lightness in your heart and be receptive and open to receive all that God has – just for you.

Once you really start to understand how much God loves you and created and weaved your purpose into His plan for eternal life (Psalms 139:13-16) for all those that believe, the overwhelming sense of gratitude will cause you to cry even more.

Something to think about.

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