Struggles and Testimonies

In the moment, it doesn’t seem possible. But when you look back over your life, you can see God’s love weaved in every part – the good and the bad. Don’t keep your story, your journey, your lessons learned to yourself, share your testimony with others. Even, your children. Inspirational messages,

Series Faith: Enoch Walked with God

Series: Faith/Enoch Walked with God I love posting because it keeps me accountable. Last Friday afternoon, I got a call that started good, but then shifted and I allowed the discussion to anger me. No angry words, just the tone of my voice. Afterwards, I lingered in my anger for a bit, but was reminded […]

Those Goliaths in Our Lives

We all got them, Goliaths. You got yours, I got mine. Some Goliaths are people in our lives that just push our buttons. Some are our past and emotional wounds. Some Goliaths are big, evil and seem unmovable. When I meet a Goliath, my first thought is to blame the Goliath, which may have validity, […]

Faith Has Levels

Each level requires that we let go of what we want, think, and feel and align it all – to God’s plans and purpose. This is scary, uncomfortable and definitely not easy, but this is how we grow emotionally and spiritually, this is how our spiritual gifts are used, this is how purpose becomes our […]

Pivot or Reinvent

Life brings us to many crossroads. We can continue to let our pride and hurts lead, or we can make a decision right there at that crossroad to learn, heal, get better, love, even tell a new story. So what are you going to do? Stay where you always have been, continue to think the […]