I think Believers should share their testimonies. The blog posts and videos reflect different points on my journey of purpose. I pray that something you read or watch encourages you on your own journey.


God’s love and purpose is the platform for your life. If you want to discover your purpose, then ask your Creator this question, “what is

Where Are You

Where Are You?

Where Are You? I keep being returning to Genesis 3:8-10: “Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the LORD God as he

My Tool Box

My tool box: Talents, skills, spiritual gifts, strengths and even weaknesses. This week I learned something new about myself, wasn’t excited about it, but I

Free, Learning To Let Go

This morning I was thinking how wonderful it is to be free. Then my thoughts wandered to – growing up, nobody really taught us to

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Emotional Healing

Taste And See

Psalm 34:8, (ESV), Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! This weekend, I spoke

Emotional Healing


Have you ever had a problem or situation just weigh on you? Have you ever thought that you had the strength to carry, but found


The Call

I believe that all churches should teach about purpose. It is the essence of why we are here – to be serve God. I didn’t


Bitterness – The Lesson

Well, before I could learn about iniquity I was lead to the thought of “bitterness”. I wanted to know the connection between “bitterness” and “iniquity

Emotional Healing


Today, my personal Bible study and person reflection is on bitterness. Unchecked bitterness takes root like dandelions in a field of grass. It takes awhile


Your Life is Just A Vapor

Topic: Your Life is Just A Vapor This morning my alarm went off and I immediately got up. As I was leaving my bedroom, I